All A4 inside text and photos pages are printed on high quality 160gm paper and the soft covers are printed on 300gm card and gloss laminated for extra durability. We have three binding options to suit your needs and budget.

Also referred to as stapled or saddle stitched, the pages and cover are folded together and bound with staples. Magazines are made using this process. For this type of binding the pages must be in multiples of 4 and there is a maximum of 96.

Perfect Bound
Perfect binding is the most popular binding method. The pages are glued into your cover. For perfect bound yearbooks the only criteria is you must have a minimum of 70 pages.

For an even more durable yearbook we can produce your book in hardback format. This is where the inside pages are encased in a printed hardboard cover. For hardback yearbooks you need a minimum of 50 pages. The cost of a hardcover is an additional €4 per book.