We have been working with schools for over 20 years, providing them with educational resources and covering all their printing needs.

Our customers get the best of both worlds – a personal and helpful service along with a wealth of experience and of course great prices.

Now you can create and design your yearbook online with our yearbook creation software – no downloads, no installation, and it works in any browser.

Prices start at €18 per book (+€4 for hardback option) and delivery to a single address for distribution is free.

Start with a new standard layout

Use the quick book designer to setup your pages, groups, and layouts

Design your own yearbook on our yearbook maker website

With plenty of designs and layout options to chose from, we can print your yearbook exactly how you want it.

Binding options

All A4 inside text and photos pages are printed on high quality 160gm paper and the soft covers are printed on 300gm card and gloss laminated for extra durability.

We have three binding options to suit your needs and budget.


Also referred to as stapled or saddle stitched, the pages and cover are folded together and bound with staples. Magazines are made using this process. For this type of binding the pages must be in multiples of 4 and there is a maximum of 96.

Perfect Bound

Perfect binding is the most popular binding method. The pages are glued into your cover. For perfect bound yearbooks the only criteria is you must have a minimum of 70 pages.


For an even more durable yearbook we can produce your book in hardback format. This is where the inside pages are encased in a printed hardboard cover. For hardback yearbooks you need a minimum of 50 pages. The cost of a hardcover is an additional €4 per book.

School Fundraising Opportunity

Why not use the production of your class or school yearbook as an opportunity to further contribute towards your school by raising some extra funds? You can set the price of your yearbook to include a contribution, the amount of which you decide. Example: 80 books cost €18 each. Simply set the price of the book at €22 and raise €320 (€4 X 80) for the school.

Take the stress and hassle out of collecting orders as well as payments for your yearbook. Use the Parent Payment Portal to allow both parents and students to go online, order and pay for their yearbooks and we will deliver them to your school. It takes two minutes to set up and it is so easy to use. Payments are processed securely using Stripe.

Delivery information

It’s important that you allow enough time to complete and order your yearbook, so to make it easy we have included a helpful reminder that will let you know how much time you have. Before you begin, set your required delivery date and the reminder will deduct the 10 working days required for production and delivery.


Free delivery

Delivery by courier for the entire order to a single address in Ireland is free of charge.

Primary school yearbooks

We also have a range of styles and layouts to suit primary schools, so why not give it a go?